Remotely Considering

remotely considering remote work.

I, as well as many others, were thrust into the realm of work from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic. There was no transition or no planning just a quick order from my company stating that all workers will now be required to work from home. This order was back in the middle of March. Since that time I have been working from home. Now, this is where things get interesting.

Close to my work from home set up

Pre-Covid-19 I had very little work from home experience. One rare occasions – afternoon appointment, home repairs – I might have worked a morning or afternoon from home but not more than a dozen or so times.

Having been immediately thrust into working from home I have to admit that I found the first couple of weeks somewhat tough as I needed to find a rhythm. Complicating things was the fact that I was in the group have to home school as well. However, once the new routines were established I began to enjoy whole work from home bit.

First of all, I felt that I had more time as I no longer had a commute to consider or all the morning small talk between entering the building and finding the desk. Secondly, I was in charge of my schedule. No more interruptions unless I wanted there to be an interruption. I do not miss the quick pop-by from a co-worker whose pressing needs were automatically a higher priority than any task that I was deep into. Third was just the freedom to set up my schedule. If I wanted to go for a run around noon and then work in the evening after kids went to bed I could. This definitely improved my productivity. The freedom also extended to my work environment. Moving around inside and outside my home helped me maintain my focus and give me a fresh perspective as well as enjoy some of the late spring and early summer weather.

As I consider the next stage of my professional career I would love to continue pursuing a remote work opportunity. I just feel a better worker, more productive and relaxed with a feeling of more control coupled with independence. Remote work …. here I come.

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    1. To early to tell. It will be interesting but I would believe that they will want people back in the office. However, I could be wrong……

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