I Have Changed…for the Better

The end of 2020 allowed me some moments to take a step back from the world and reflect and what was happening to me. Many things were positive but I was mostly disappointed with my professional career and development.

I am a frustrated internationalist stuck in a role for a mid-sized upper-midwest based company. I have been spinning my wheels for the last 4 years trying to make things stick but I am not being true to myself. Currently, I am misfit and poorly cast in a role that does not suit me and even worse, does not benefit the company I work for in any beneficial way. I have sat on my ass for too long and it is beyond time that I start taking an interest in myself and what I want to do instead of living in fear of others and of the unknown. I know that I have the tools, the knowledge and the experience to make it work. I need to find the right fit and I know I can succeed.

Now the task is to make these realizations more of a reality. Here is to 2021!

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